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Teeth Whitening Specialist

Therese Murphy, DDS -  - Cosmetic & General Dentistry

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Therese Murphy, DDS

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While the health of your teeth is certainly a priority, you want them to look their best, too. At Temecula Ridge Dentistry in Temecula, California, dentist Therese Murphy, DDS, and her team can make your teeth brighter and whiter with Opalescence™ Boost™, a top-of-the-line professional teeth whitening system. For more information on teeth whitening, call Temecula Ridge Dentistry or book your consultation online today.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is one of the most requested dental treatments. People want white teeth, but it isn’t easy keeping your teeth white naturally. As you age, your teeth naturally get duller and more yellow, and several factors contribute to staining and discoloration.

With professional teeth whitening treatments, you can improve the way your smile looks without costly restorations or orthodontic adjustments. At Temecula Ridge Dentistry, Dr. Murphy and her team use Opalescence Boost whitening products to lift the stains on your teeth. The products contain potassium nitrate as a bleaching agent and fluoride to improve the strength of your teeth. 

Before your whitening treatment, you will sit down for a consultation with Dr. Murphy. She can tell you how white your teeth will get and how long your treatment will take depending on your current level of discoloration.

What are my options for teeth whitening?

At Temecula Ridge Dentistry, you have two options for teeth whitening. Dr. Murphy helps you decide which option fits best with your expectations, lifestyle, and timeframe. Your options are:

Opalescence Boost

Opalescence Boost treatments happen in the office. Unlike other in-office whitening treatments, Opalescence Boost treatments don’t require a bright light to activate the formula. Dr. Murphy simply applies the formula to your teeth evenly. Over the course of an hour or less, it whitens your teeth drastically.

Take-home trays

If you’d prefer to treat your teeth in the comfort of your own home, consider professional take-home trays from Dr. Murphy instead of over-the-counter whitening products. The trays are custom fit for your teeth, and you wear them regularly as Dr. Murphy directs. The results aren’t as quick as in-office whitening, but they still make a major difference. 

How can I extend the results of my teeth whitening treatment?

Teeth whitening isn’t permanent because your teeth continue to gather stains and discoloration as they did before your treatment. While you can’t stop the gradual discoloration that happens with age, you can make your results last for as long as possible by avoiding or limiting staining foods, drinks, and other substances. These include:

  • Red wine
  • Dark cola
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Berries
  • Tobacco
  • Certain medications

It also helps to keep your teeth clean and brush them after meals. Keeping up on your daily brushing routine and attending your six-month professional dental cleanings is essential to maintaining a bright, white smile. 

To review your teeth whitening options with Dr. Murphy, call Temecula Ridge Dentistry or book your consultation online today.