Blog Post: Reinventing Your Smile

The most noticeable thing that you wear each day is your smile. A gorgeous smile can leave a great impression on everyone that you meet, making you feel confident as you go throughout your day.

She's a stunner...even in a casual tee!

If your smile is memorable for all the wrong reasons, and you find yourself hiding it from sight, Dr. Therese Murphy can help. At Temecula Ridge Dentistry, we can reinvent your smile with our wide range of dental cosmetic enhancements.

Dentistry Is An Art

If your teeth don’t look the way you prefer, you need the artistic eye and skillful touch of an experienced dentist to expertly enhance your smile’s appearance. Dr. Murphy has been redesigning smiles and making dental dreams come true for patients just like you for 30 years. Isn’t it time you did something for yourself that can have a huge impact on your life and boost your self-confidence?

At our Temecula office, we offer everything from simple teeth whitening, which can erase the years off of your smile, to luminous veneers. Our customized veneers, made of thin porcelain, can hide the flaws that detract from your smile, revealing natural-looking, dramatically enhanced teeth in as little as two visits.

Why Enhance Your Teeth?

Everyone wants to look their best - especially when they smile! Whether it’s looking picture perfect for that special occasion, making a sparkling first impression for a job interview, or restoring your pearly whites for a more youthful appearance, you deserve a smile that you can share with glowing confidence. The most important reason to improve your smile is you! Your teeth will be with you for life. Make sure your smile is one that you love and want to show off!

Are you ready to reinvent the way your teeth look - and your life? Call Temecula Ridge Dentistry to schedule your cosmetic consultation with Dr. Murphy today.

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